By Anthony Rizzo

A Central Michigan University program is returning this fall for local children in preschool through the fifth grade.

"The program offers the kids hands-on learning exposure to science, math, critical thinking and problem solving, in a fun environment," CMU official Kathy Backus said.

Jim McDonald, a professor of Science Education, said tapping into the younger generation can be a huge advantage by getting kids more confident in their abilities.

"Personally, I'm alarmed by the lack of science that's taught in the younger grades," McDonald said. "It's shown that if you don't get students interested by the fourth grade, then they lose interest and do not have the background in it. So that when they get into it deeper in middle school and high school level, they're trying to find their way on their own."

McDonald said Super Saturdays at CMU will keep the children interested with the program's interactive nature.

An informational meeting will be held tomorrow at CMU's Education and Human Services Building on Wed., Sept. 9 at 7:30 pm.

CMU's Super Saturday program will begin on Oct. 5.


DNR Land Map.jpg

The DNR is welcoming visitors to its newest parcel of recreational forest land.

The state has acquired a 3,800 acre parcel near Newberry in the UP.  
The property became available when the private landowner decided to sell.  

Kerry Wieber is the Forest Land Administrator with the DNR.

She said the land; located near the Crisp Point lighthouse is a unique and valuable acquisition.

"When we have the opportunity to acquire over 3,200 acres of forest land with an inland lake and streams, and sand dunes, and over two-miles of Lake Superior shoreline, it became a very high priority for us to work on and work through the process in order to make it a reality," Wieber said.

The land acquisition cost $6,000,000. $4,500,000 came from a federal grant from the U.S. Forest Service's Forest Legacy Program.  

The other $1,500,000 was donated by a private individual.

The land is available for the public's use. It's located near Newberry.


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