Commission suggests scrapping medical pot law

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Capital Bureau Chief, Michigan Public Radio Network

LANSING -- A study commissioned by local governments says Michigan's voter-approved medical marijuana law has so many holes it should be scrapped and re-written.

According to William Matheson with the Michigan Municipal League, the only way that will happen is if and when a federal judge rules state medical marijuana laws are preempted under the U.S. Constitution by federal drug laws.

But he says local governments should not wait to enact medical marijuana ordinances.  

"It's going to take a long time for that to develop probably and in the meantime," Matheson said, "local officials and local communities need to make sure that their community standards and the health, safety, and welfare of citizens in that community are protected."

Challenges in other states have had mixed results.

It would take three-quarter majorities in both chambers of the Michigan Legislature to amend the medical marijuana law. It was overwhelmingly approved by two years ago by Michigan voters.  

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