Ferris State University teams up with bus transportation.

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This fall, Ferris State University is teaming with the Rapid to launch a new service that will provide bus transportation between Grand Rapids and Big Rapids

The shuttle will go in between the satellite campus in Grand Rapids and back to Ferris State twice a day. 

Ed Sheppard is with the Business Services at Ferris State. He said many students and staff have requested a shuttle.

He said people can pay eight dollars for a day pass or 700 dollars for a semester pass. 

"The 700 per semester, individuals driving back and forth we had folks that calculated that. And it is actually less expensive at 700 per semester. For students who are coming up four or five days a week it's much less expensive if they're paying that."

The initial service is being run as a pilot program. The success of this upcoming year will determine if it will continue.

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