Precision Edge brings jobs to Boyne City

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A Sault Ste. Marie-based medical supply manufacturer has announced it will be expanding to Boyne City.

Precision Edge will begin construction on a new 35-thousand square foot facility by years end.

The company specializes in surgical products for the orthopedic industry.

John Truckey is the president of Precision Edge. He said the company wanted to stay in Michigan...

"We visited several areas in the state, and some out of the state, and after the first visit, our compasses started to point toward Boyne City. And they've been extremely helpful, and excited to get us there, as we are to be there." Said Truckey.

Truckey said the company will hire at least 30 employees by years end, including engineers, machinists and plant operators.

He said the facility could employ up to one-hundred people in the next five years.

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