CMU receives $1.5 million for student retention programs

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Students struggling with the demands of higher education will soon find extra supports at CMU. The college is launching two new retention programs aimed at low-income and first-generation students.

Colleen Green is the Director of Native American Programs at CMU.
She says sometimes this demographic of higher risk students needs extra support from outside the home, "We see students that do not have the support system, they're not sure how to work the University system.  They are new to the University. They're also first generation students for the most part, so they don't have anybody at home to rely on to give them that additional information of tutoring services, supplemental instruction, advising and mentoring."

The new college retention programs will be funded by one-and-a-half-million-dollars in grants from the Michigan Strategic Fund and the King- Chavez- Parks Initiative.

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