Bill would expand Michigan environmental assurance program to other Great Lakes states

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A Michigan program that allows farmers to voluntarily implement environmental best-practices could soon be expanding to other Great Lakes states.

The Michigan program allows farmers to voluntarily show the state that they're compiling with environmental regulations and best practices.

In exchange, if some sort of environmental accident does occur, farmers can't be sued, although they do have to pay for the cleanup.

Ryan Findlay with the Michigan Farm Bureau said the Michigan program has been very successful...

"And Congresswoman Miller identified that, identified what farmers were doing, and said 'that's a great model that would be good for not just Michigan, but the Great Lakes region."

Miller has introduced legislation urging other Great Lakes states to create their own environmental assurance programs.

Her bill would prioritize federal agricultural environmental funding to states that have similar programs. 

That legislation is pending before the House Agriculture Committee.

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