Board of Trustees raise tuition

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By Consuelo McAboy

Today, the Central Michigan University Board of Trustees approved a modest increase in tuition and room and board rates at its regular meeting.

Trustees set undergraduate tuition at 365 dollars per credit hour, a 7 dollar per credit hour increase from the current tuition rate of 358 dollars.

CMU normally sets undergraduate tuition in July, but President George E. Ross said acting in April has several benefits for current and prospective students...

"Traditionally, undergraduate tuition has been set at the July board meeting."

Ross also recognized the faculty and staff at the university...

"Our tuition rates over the last three years have been very modest, and we don't know what's going to happen with the 14 schools that follow us, but our faculty and staff have made sacrifices to allow us to be here with you today talking about this 1.96% increase."

Trustees also approved a 2 percent increase in room and board rates.

Room and board for a standard room with a 14-meal plan will increase 156 dollars a year from 7,880 dollars to 8,036 dollars.

The cost of food, supplies, contracts and equipment coupled with increases in employee salaries and benefits were factors considered in making the recommendation. 

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