Health Summit continues "Together We Can" initiative in mid Michigan

By Amanda Harrison

Central Michigan communities are working together to improve their overall health rankings in the state. 

The Central Michigan District Health Department presented a "Together We Can" plan to help expand access to care, prevent disease and promote active lifestyles.  

The campaign was launched earlier yesterday at the 3rd Annual Public Health Summit in Mt. Pleasant. 

Mary Kushion is with the health department. She said there are several ways counties are expanding access to health care. 

"One of the things we are doing, especially for women in Central Michigan, is that we have our family planning program and family planning offers full exams for women from teens up through the age of 44. So if anyone wants to come in and get a pap smear and an exam we offer that, it's on a sliding fee scale, so they can come and get that taken care of."

Kushion said the "Together We Can" plan is also working in coordination with public transit to provide those in need a ride to the doctors office. 

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