Michigan Charter Schools Earns an "A" grade

By Consuelo McAboy

For nearly two decades, Michigan has allowed charter schools to operate in the state.

Now, a report from the Center for Education Reform said that Michigan is among the top five charter school systems in the country.

The report analyzes each state's charter school system against nationally recognized benchmarks.

It evaluates factors like the creation of multiple charter authorizers and fiscal equity.

Cindy Schumacher is with Central Michigan University's center for charter schools.

"While Michigan's law has earned a B grade in the past, the recent move to increase and eliminate the cap on university charter schools has moved Michigan to an A grade along with just four other states and CMU is fortunate enough to work in a state that supports the foundation for charter schools."

Schumacher said now that the cap has been lifted, CMU will be able to authorize additional charter schools.

She said prior to the change, universities were only allowed to have 150 charter schools. 

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