Schuette orders Flint "internet sweepstakes cafe" to close

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By Mike Horace

Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette has ordered a Flint-based cyber casino to close.

According to the Attorney General, the Flint Business Center is operating in violation of Michigan law.

The facility allows customers to purchase sweepstakes entries, and then use a casino-style computer game to reveal whether the entries are winners or losers.

Joy Yearout is a spokesperson for the Attorney General. She said the Flint Business Center has two weeks to comply with state law...

"Certainly if the location refuses to alter its operations so that they follow state law, they could face both civil or criminal penalties. And that's a decision we'll make in the next 14 days based on how they respond."

Yearout said customers are at a greater risk gambling in unlicensed facilities, because they have no recourse if they lose or are scammed.

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