Snyder repeals motorcycle helmet law

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By Rick Pluta

Michigan is now the 31st state to allow motorcyclists to ride without a helmet. Governor Rick Snyder signed the measure to repeal the helmet law Thursday.

Michigan's new law allows people 21 and older with training or two years experience to ride without helmets as long as they buy an additional 20 thousand dollars of injury coverage, which would pay for less than a week in an intensive care ward.

Rider groups have lobbied to make Michigan a helmet-optional state since the helmet law was enacted in the 1970s. Their efforts have always been blocked by highway safety advocates, doctors, and insurance companies that insist repealing the helmet law will cause more deaths and serious injuries and boost medical costs.
But opponents of the old helmet law say repealing the requirement won't result in those dire predictions. And they say Michigan's tourism industry will be a winner, attracting riders who don't want to wear helmets starting this weekend.

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