Wind energy tax credit stalls in Congress

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Thousands of Michigan residents hold jobs in the wind energy industry, they do everything from manufacturing nuts and bolts to building turbines themselves.

However, some of those jobs could soon be in jeopardy if congress allows a wind energy tax credit to expire...

The tax credit expires at the end of this year and so far, efforts to extend it have failed.

Some are blaming election year gridlock; others blame low natural gas prices for the reduced interest in wind.

Don Schurr is President of Greater Gratiot Development. He said wind and natural gas are compatible...

"Wind energy and natural gas will have a relative parity. If we don't make the stuff here, they're going to bring it in from China. They're going to bring it in from wherever it's necessary. Why don't we do it?"

Gratiot County is home to more than 100 wind turbines, and many more are planned.

A bi-partisan group of Senators plans to push for the extension again, after they return from the Easter recess next week.

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