Legislation aims to prevent sexual abuse of children

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By Mike Horace

A bi-partisan package of bills has been introduced in Lansing to help prevent the sexual abuse of Michigan children.

The bills are titled "Erin's Law," after sexual abuse survivor Erin Merryn. She got the legislature in her home state of Illinois to pass a similar law last year.

State Senator Judy Emmons is co-sponsoring the bills. She said the goal is to teach children how to respond to inappropriate situations...

"The purpose of this law is to make sure they are educated. If a situation arises, what they do, what recourse they have as children, and let them know that they are not the ones that are at fault here."

The legislation requires schools to adopt sexual abuse policies, including an instructional model for elementary-age students about what do if abuse happens.

It would also create a statewide task force to examine sexual abuse issues, and recommend goals and policies that would prevent sexual abuse.

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