Governor calls for better links between Lower Peninsula and UP

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Governor Rick Snyder took questions from around the state last night in a virtual town hall meeting. 

The governor used the opportunity to call for better connectivity between the Upper and Lower Peninsulas.

Specifically, the governor wants to see better electrical and broadband internet connections between the two peninsulas. 

He said he was surprised to learn that reliable electricity is a luxury in some parts of the UP.

"The Lower Peninsula, we pretty much get all our power just coming in from the south, and the UP is getting all theirs pretty much from Wisconsin. And wouldn't it be bright at some point if we actually say 'let's complete a much more relaible circuit,' because in the northern parts of the Lower Peninsula and in the UP, they actually occasionally have brownout or other issues because of quality of power." Snyder said.

Snyder also said an expansion of broadband internet in the UP would be good for business.

"You can do great business or great economic development work or great creative work anywhere in the country, if you've got enough bandwidth to do that." He said.

Snyder said a key step is getting high capacity internet lines over the Straits of Mackinac, and he said he's interested in hearing new ideas about how to expand that broadband across the UP.

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